Kyudo - the Spiritual Path of Archery

Kyudo is the Way of the Bow. The Japanese bow is large, supple, and is made of wood and bamboo. Because the act of shooting reflects the inner working, the heart, of the archer, Kyudo is a path of self-discovery. Kyudo provides the opportunity for the archer to be pure, and to continue this purity until the arrow, naturally, of its own, leaves the bow. When practiced this way, Kyudo becomes a deeply spiritual training.

Kyudo is the way of the true Kokoro (heart/mind/spirit)

"In anyone's life, there exist many problems and a mountain of unresolvable contradictions....From no matter what angle we look at them, today's civilization and culture are all filled with danger. That being said, it comes from having progressed without paying heed to the fundamental kokoro (heart/mind/spirit) of a human being. However, if one returns to what is essential and looks within the very root of their kokoro, anyone will find burning there the wish to resolve one's contradictions at all costs. That is the cry of true kokoro. When one listens to the cry of true kokoro, letting nothing come in the way, no matter what, the determined kokoro to fulfill this wish will be made possible. And that burns uncontrollably like oil on fire. This kokoro, for a human being, is the most sacred thing they possess, and becomes the source to resolve the contradictions of self. In both ancient and modern times, no matter how wise or foolish, there has been no other way to fulfill self than to pass through this kokoro. It goes without saying that for our school of Kyudo as well, this kokoro must be made the foundation...."
From "The Cry of True Kokoro" by Satoshi Sagino Shihan

Satoshi Sagino Shihan
About our Kyudo Dojo
The San Francisco Muyoshingetsu Kyudo Dojo follows the teachings of Satoshi Sagino Shihan, and his grandson Michiya Sagino Shihan, who lives and teaches Kyudo in Himeji, Japan. Our classes are every Sunday, 12:30 PM, at the Hillside Community Church, 1422 Navellier Street, El Cerrito, CA. We practice in the Church's main hall overlooking the San Francisco Bay and surrounded by the East Bay hills. All are welcome and we provide all the necessary equipment to people who are getting started. Please contact Bob Fischer ( for information about classes and our annual seminar with Michiya Sagino Shihan in June.